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Over 20 Years of Commercial Landscaping Experience

My name is Roney Prosdocimo and I have been in the landscaping business for over 20 years. I had worked in landscaping and property maintenance for five years, and then I founded Majestic Construction & Landscaping and have never looked back.

Founded in 2001

I founded my company in Toronto in 2001. As a business owner, I now have the opportunity to implement my own ideas and have control over my future. There is no question that I feel more purpose and satisfaction since I followed my ambition. My first customer actually came to us via a Yellow Pages ad! Now we have a healthy customer base and I look forward to growing our business even more with new services and more employees.

Our Strong Work Ethic

We have dedicated, well-trained employees who share a strong work ethic, and we work hard to reach our goals. We have been building our company on customer referrals, which is the biggest compliment we could hope to achieve. Also, we believe in fair billing and respect for our customer’s resources. We will be flexible whenever possible. I am fortunate to have such passionate team members who work with professionalism and demonstrate strong workmanship.

Our Responsible and Responsive Team

Our customers appreciate our sense of responsibility and our responsiveness to any situation which may arise, whether it’s extreme weather or any other unexpected scenario. We have your needs in mind and are ready for action when you need us. Why do our customers often renew their long-term contracts with us? Peace of mind. They know they’ll be taken care of.

See for yourself why Majestic Construction & Landscaping has built such a strong reputation in the GTA. Contact us to inquire about we can serve you – we’d love to have you as part of our clientele, and to bring out the potential of your own property.

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